From 8-15 June we’re aiming to raise £45,000 as part of the Champions for Children Appeal. Funds raised will help to ensure that all young Londoners can access our musical training with no financial barriers. 

Every gift from just £1 will be doubled until we reach our target: 



From noon on 8 June until noon on 15 June you’ll be able to donate at our appeal page, which will be linked here. Every gift from just £1 will be doubled – ONE DONATION, TWICE THE IMPACT!


You can help us right away by sharing this page on your social media, or sending the link in an email. From noon on 8 June until noon on 15 June you can also find LYC on social media and share our appeal updates.

London Youth Choirs has again been chosen by The Childhood Trust to participate in the annual Champions for Children Appeal, powered by The Big Give. As we come together once more after a year of online rehearsals and concerts, funds raised will help us grow membership and reach more disadvantaged areas.

Our aims
  • To ensure financial circumstances are never a barrier to participation. The past year has been challenging for many LYC families and we expect increased demand for financial assistance with fees. LYC needs to maintain a strong financial position in order to respond to these situations.
  • To increase the number of young people from diverse communities who are able to access the musical education and pastoral care that LYC provides. By working in partnership with local music services, we want to bring the benefits and joy of singing into more young lives across London.
  • To provide wellbeing support for all members, especially those most in need. Online support through LYC’s ‘Happiness Zone’ has been a lifeline for some members during lockdown. Many regard LYC as their one safe space and we will continue to provide a high level of emotional support.
Where's the money going?
  •  £5,000 – To help members who request support towards costs of travel to and from rehearsals and events.
  • £10,000 – To contribute towards on-going Pastoral Care provision.
  • £25,000 – To contribute to LYC’s fee subsidy programme and requests for further financial assistance.
  • £5,000 – To contribute towards general overheads and marketing costs for recruiting new members.

If we raise in excess of our target, there wll be additional funds for financial assistance and fee subsidy. Removing financial barriers to enable all musically-talented young Londoners to take part is at the heart of our mission. 






The high quality tuition and performance opportunities that LYC provides are desired to educate and inspire, build confidence and develop skills in teamwork and leadership, all whilst championing inclusivity and understanding. Funds raised from this appeal will help LYC to bounce back after over a year of online teaching, to expand membership and progress our plans to involve more young Londoners in singing.

“This bursary is a link to many children, including our girls, to hold on to hope and the joy of singing…help to be part of LYC is pure joy and it is priceless. We are humbled by the kindness of everyone in LYC and its generous patrons for reaching out to so many vulnerable families.”

LYC Parents

“LYC is really exciting and you learn new skills, and I find that everybody there is my friend and my family.”

LYC Cambiata Boys' Choir member


London Youth Choirs is grateful to The Childhood Trust and China Construction Bank for generously providing the £22,500 match funding for this appeal.


Every donation will make a difference, in fact double the difference. And if you can add Gift Aid, it will be worth even more. Here’s how:

Your £20 donation can be worth £45 to LYC! 

£20 + £20 match funding + £5 Gift Aid = £45

Your £100 donation can be worth £225 to LYC!

£100 + £100 match funding + £25 Gift Aid = £225

Your £500 donation can be worth £1,125 to LYC!

£500 + £500 match funding + £125 Gift Aid = £1,125


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