The school assembly used to be integral for establishing music in the lives of young people. Sadly, singing has largely disappeared from this daily routine, depriving many of the opportunity to discover their voice and to experience singing alongside of their peers. Compounding this is the fact that many London-based schools lack provision for a musical education. We have made it our mission to address this.

LYC Experience is born out of Aspire, our earlier programme of community engagement.

Aspire provided bespoke singing experiences within schools in areas of high deprivation, and equipped teachers with continuing professional development training so that they would have the confidence to make music a feature of school life.

Aspire was integral to growing our central choirs and has inspired us to grow our family of choirs into other parts of the city. By our 10th anniversary, LYC will have established choirs in SW, SE, NW, and NE London, in addition to our centrally located choirs.

LYC Experience is an initiative that reaches out to the localities of our new choirs and reinstates music as a valuable part of community. We work closely with schools, music hubs and families, empowering individuals and organisations to make a difference to young people’s lives through music.

We have thoughtfully devised a variety of strategies and activities for engaging educators, families and young people alike.

  • We train school leaders to introduce Singing Assemblies, reinstating singing with peers as a staple part of the school day
  • We hold ‘Family Come & Sing Days’ across London during the school holidays. These inclusive events allow families to share in their children’s love of singing
  • We work closely with Music Hubs to raise awareness of the musical opportunities available to young people, including membership of LYC.

Each of these activities helps to establish LYC’s presence in these four areas of London; they raise awareness of what we do, and they help us in our quest to find talented young singers. LYC Experience not only spreads the word about our choirs, it brings the joy and unifying power of singing to musically bereft parts of our country’s capital.


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