Voyage: LYC Spring Concert 2021

MONDAY 29th MARCH, 6.30pm

Broadcast + 30 days catch-up at ONJAM.TV

Inspired by the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower, our 2021 Spring concert is a musical journey towards hope and understanding.

“The road that I travelled leads me on my way, got my eyes on tomorrow, got my feet on today”

Lyrics from a song written by a group of refugees for the ‘Singing Our Lives’ project

In 1620, a group of English settlers sailed across the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower with the desire of forming a new, self-governing society in North America.

Today, we remember the Mayflower’s voyage as one which led to freedom, emancipation and prosperity – and to oppression, enslavement and destruction. Through our music this Spring LYC have considered this complex legacy through themes of refuge, displacement, cultural roots. We’ve looked at the perpetuation of hope and of harm, the ways in which the past is recorded – and whose records end up dominating the history books.

Our virtual concert will take you on an inspiring and uplifting journey across oceans, centuries, and points of view. Along the way you’ll enjoy performances by all eight LYC choirs including the brand-new LYC West, founded just this January. At the heart of the programme, we proudly present the world premiere of our special LYC commission: The Mayflower Anthem by Shruthi Rajasekar.

The Mayflower Anthem project was generously supported by the Mayflower 400 Fund as part of the celebrations of this historic event. 


VOYAGE is being broadcast at 6.30pm on Monday 29 March on our lovely new LYC channel at (formerly The broadcast will be available to watch on catch-up until midnight on Friday 30 April.


Family tickets for the concert cost £15 and are available to purchase now at

Thank you to our supporters

VOYAGE is generously sponsored by China Construction Bank, LYC’s Premier Sponsor. 

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