How long is your laundry cycle?

The LYC team have been going to quite some lengths to keep the #LYCFamily together during lockdown – including a 250km ‘Laundry Cycle’ to deliver more than 60 choir T-Shirts!   

LYC choir members are ordinarily given their choir T-Shirts at Monday night choir practice – but that’s not been so easy lately…

So over a madcap 10 days earlier this month the LYC team have saddled up their bicycles to deliver more than 60 T-Shirts to members’ homes around London. From Kingston in the West to Hackney in the East, from Muswell Hill in the North to West Norwood in the South, the intrepid couriers have clocked up some 250 kilometres on the roads (and exactly one kilometre on the Thames Clipper).

Our now super-fit office team report that London has a surprising number of hills… and stairs! The good news is that all LYC members can now proudly wear their T-Shirts for this term’s online activities, including recording sessions for our Festive Concert. Some members are apparently wearing them all the time, according to one mum’s report:

“Thank you so much for delivering the choir t-shirt! S. was so pleased with it that I had to persuade her out of it for bed time!”


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