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Next LYC Auditions

The next auditions for all choirs will be held in July 2024.

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Why should I join LYC?


If you love singing and making music with others, and enjoy challenging yourself in a supportive environment, then joining LYC might just be what you need in your life!

We have 10 choirs for different age groups, voices and abilities, and are open to children and young people from school year 3 up to 22 years old who live in or are educated in London.

Watch the video to hear directly from our members about what LYC means to them.

Which LYC choir is for me?


Check the diagram to see which choirs we have for your age group.

You can audition to join any LYC choir for which you are the right age.

Click / tap on the diagram to zoom in

What are rehearsals like?


Rehearsals take place every week and are fun and varied. You’ll learn all different types of songs, have fun doing warm-ups and activities, and sometimes you’ll see members of the other LYC choirs!

We’ve made this video to give you an idea of what happens at weekly rehearsals for all our different choirs. Have a watch to see a snapshot of our choirs in action with their LYC staff teams at each of our rehearsal venues!

What else should I know about joining LYC?


Anyone living in or educated in London from school year 3 up to age 22 can join London Youth Choirs.

You don’t need to have any previous experience of singing in choirs or groups. If you do sing already, it doesn’t matter what style you like to sing: there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ singer for a choir and we sing all sorts of music.

To join LYC you first need to audition. That might sound scary but we make a big effort to ensure that the experience is friendly and supportive. We won’t try to catch you out, we want to see and hear you at your best.

Information about when our next auditions are can be found at the top or bottom of this page.

As a member of LYC you will meet once a week during term-time for rehearsal. Rehearsals are always at the same time in the same place (these vary depending on which choir you audition for). At rehearsals you’ll learn and practice songs and skills, developing abilities and confidence as you go. We frequently invite guest leaders to introduce special music and activities.

You will also get to take part in social activities and make new friends, and best friends (trust us!)

Other LYC membership benefits include your LYC t-shirt, all your music and access to our secure online members zone, MyLYC.

From 2021, all auditions for LYC are FREE!


Standard Membership fees are £350 for the whole year, and go towards covering the cost of running the choirs. As a charity, LYC subsidises membership fees by around 75% of the true cost of membership through grants and fundraising. This year, we offer LYC members the option to pay more than the standard membership fee to cover some of that subsidy if they wish – this will be integrated into the start of term induction process. 

If your audition is successful and you are offered a place but require financial assistance to accept, LYC can offer financial assistance to cover all costs of membership. You can find out more and apply via our secure online members zone, MyLYC, which we’ll give you access to.

There is so much to get out of being a member of LYC: vocal and musical skills and training, experience of concerts, recordings, music videos and amazing venues as well as life long friendships. Here is what some of our members have said about their experiences:

“It means a lot to me to join LYC and to be singing for thousands of people every year. I have fun every week at the rehearsals. I like seeing everyone and I love rehearsing for concerts, and to meet new faces and chat.” – Omofolarin

“Singing in LYC has been a pivotal experience in my development as a musician. As a young singer, LYC equipped me with the musicianship skills, versatility and confidence to go after my dream of becoming a professional singer. The friendships and connections I made with colleagues and mentors have been essential to my growth and I will always cherish the memories of our rehearsals and performances.” – Isabelle, former member

“For much of my time in LYC, I have been something of a prodigal son… But if I’ve been a prodigal son, then LYC has always been home.” – Oshotse

“LYC has given me back confidence I never knew I needed. It has introduced me to the best people I have ever met and taught me that its okay to be a choral music nerd. I look forward to every rehearsal all week and feel such a sense of belonging like I’ve never felt before. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and you feel like you can talk to everyone. The staff is incredible and are the best people.” – Lottie, former member

How do auditions work?


LYC auditions are relaxed, informal and fun! We just want to get to know you and your voice, and find out what singing and music mean to you.

Our Membership & EDI Manager, Freddie, has made a video explaining the auditions process – give it a watch!

What actually happens in your audition varies depending on your age; take a look at the Audition Guides to find out more.

Audition guide: Primary school (School Years 3-6)
You will join a small group singing workshop with a member of our music team. You won’t need to prepare anything in advance (phew!). You will be introduced to a simple song, learn it together with the other singers in the group, and then demonstrate phrases in the group and on your own. The workshop will be fun and you can expect to get a taste for what actual LYC rehearsals are like. Your audition should take around 20 minutes.
Audition guide: School Year 7 up to age 22
You will have an individual audition with a member of the music team and staff team. For this, you should prepare and bring along a song that you love to sing – it can be any genre or style, and doesn’t need to be longer than a minute. You can sing it a cappella (unaccompanied) or with an accompaniment or backing track (if you would like to organise that).

After you have sung your song we will have a little chat about what it means and why you have chosen it. We might ask you what singing you do, and what your musical aspirations are. We may also include some musical skills challenges, but don’t panic as these will be appropriate to your level of experience. Your audition should take up to 10 minutes.

How can I sign up for an audition?


Simple – check below for the next auditions and sign-up links. If no audition dates are given, you can still sign up to register your interest and we will contact you as soon as audition dates become avaialable.

Next LYC Auditions

The next auditions for all choirs will be held in July 2024.

You can join our mailing list to find out when the audition sign-up period opens.

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LYC in action

Here’s some videos of LYC choirs in action – they give a good idea of the kind of music we sing and the ways in which we perform.

You can find more on our YouTube channel, where we also upload new videos regularly.

Frequently asked questions

What if I fall between age groups for choirs?
Choir allocation will be at the discretion of the musical director. For example, you may be placed in one of the Cambiata Choirs rather than the Senior Choir if it is felt that you have good potential but may not yet be ready for the challenge of the next choir.
What if I'm a boy whose voice is changing?
We have a special choir just for you, LYC Cambiata Boys. You are very welcome to apply. At audition you will be listened to by a specialist. Boys with changing voices are assessed on a case-by-case basis. We will carefully nurture you through this process and place you in the appropriate voice part.
What if I'm between schools this summer?
Put the details of your new school and the contact of a singing teacher or school choir leader who knows you best at the moment.
If I get in will I have to audition again to keep my place?
We like to keep up with how our members are progressing vocally. You may be asked to sing on your own from time to time, so that our vocal coaches can give you input. You will also have to audition each time you move up to the next choir. Chamber Choir members are required to re-audition annually.
Where are the auditions?

You can find information about where auditions are held under AUDITION DATES AND SIGN-UP LINKS on this page.

Regular in-person audition venues

For LYC Central Choirs: City of London School for Boys, Queen Victoria Street, EC4V 3AL. (Nearest TFL: Mansion House, Blackfriars, St Paul’s and Bank)

For LYC North East: Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham, N15 4RX (Nearest TFL: Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale)

For LYC South East: City Hope Church Hall, Bermondsey, SE16 2JY (Nearest TFL: Bermondsey, Surrey Quays)

For LYC South West: Streatham & Clapham High School, Streatham (Nearest TFL: Streatham, Balham)

For LYC West: St Barnabas Church Hall, Ealing, W5 1QG (Nearest TFL: Hanger Lane, Ealing Broadway)

I live just outside London, can I still audition?

You can still audition, however, priority for membership in London Youth Choirs is for those living or educated within London (Boroughs covered by the Greater London Authority and the City of London).

I'm worried about travelling to rehearsals and my family would find it tricky to commit, what should i do?
We will do our best to help you find ways of sharing travel arrangements with other LYC members in your area. We also have some funding available to assist with travel costs, if needed. If you are offered a place, just get in touch so that we can help you as much as possible.

Get in touch

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