What is the Young Leaders Collective?


The Young Leaders Collective (YLC) is a group of young people from LYC’s membership who learn about, discuss, and inform what LYC does. LYC is run for the benefit of young people and we therefore believe they must be central to the running of our organisation.

The Young Leaders Collective is made up of 10 LYC members aged 16-23, who meet regularly throughout the year, supported by LYC.

To understand it a little better, watch these short explainer videos by Freddie and Ishani!

What will happen throughout the year?


Young people can apply to join the Young Leaders Collective over the summer.


The new Young Leaders Collective has its first session.


More sessions take place throughout the year – depending on what the YLC members want to do.


The YLC provides an official Recommendation to the LYC Board of Trustees, based on their work throughout the year.

What happens in a YLC session?


This partly depends on what the members want to do. There will be some learning about being in a Young Leaders Collective and how to effect change, but also chances to learn about careers in the music industry, or to meet with LYC’s staff and trustees. Throughout the year, YLC members will regularly spend time reflecting on LYC and the music industry and discussing their ideas for change. There might be trips and there will certainly be friendly, accessible and inclusive social activities!

Visit the ‘Young Leaders Collective News’ section to see what the 23-24 cohort have been up to.

How can I apply to be in the Young Leaders Collective?

To apply to be in the Young Leaders Collective, you must be age 16-23 and a member of LYC.

If you’re not yet a member but would like to be, don’t worry! Visit our ‘Join LYC’ page to find out more.

To be in the Young Leaders Collective you need to submit an application. That might sound intimidating, but there are resources to guide you through it! The panel will be chosen by LYC staff.

When applications are open, information about how to apply can be found below.

As a member of the Young Leaders Collective you will meet once a month on a Monday evening. You’ll do all kinds of things at these sessions, like discussing LYC and the music industry, learning about governance and leadership, and finding out about careers in music and the charity sector. Sometimes you will be supported by LYC staff, and sometimes you will meet with guest speakers.

But the most important thing is that the YLC will be shaped by each year’s cohort of young people – so what’s involved will be different every year!

Being a member of the Young Leaders Collective will not cost you anything extra. Food will be provided at sessions, and we will cover any additional travel charges.

You’ll develop skills in teamwork, organisation, creativity and critical thinking. You’ll also learn a lot about careers in the music industries, charity governance, how to create positive change and much more! In addition, membership of the YLC will be valuable experience for your CV.

We want to help the members of the Young Leaders Collective with their personal and career development. That will look different for every member, but we will be there to provide guidance and support.

Applications to apply for the Young Leaders Collective are currently closed, and will re-open in July/August 2024.

Meet the Young Leaders Collective

Young Leaders Collective News

Frequently asked questions

When can I apply?

Applications are open at the start of each academic year. When they’re open, information about how to apply will be displayed on the website.

How long would I be in the Young Leaders Collective for?

In order to engage and give voice to as many young people as possible, each member of the Young Leaders Collective will serve for just one academic year (from October to July). In exceptional circumstances, this may be extended to two.

How much time commitment is involved?

There will be one 75 minute session per month from October to July, with one longer away day during the year. Apart from the January and June sessions, all will take place during the normal LYC rehearsal time.

Before each meeting, there will be notes and materials shared with you that you will need to read as preparation.

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