LYC Blog #11: Shaping the future of LYC

Published 8 March 2024


LYC member Pavlo talks about his experience of being in the Young Leaders Collective

5 months ago, with the idea to improve LYC and be a representative of the choir, I became a member of the Young Leaders Collective. Right at the start, I had a chance to meet and talk with other young leaders, and although we had different thoughts and visions of the YLC, we all shared an idea to improve our choir.

In our first meeting, we got to know each other more, which I believe was really impactful for our relationship and productivity as a team. Although through the next few meetings, we shared experiences and thoughts about the choir, discussed the ways how it might be improved, and even learned a bit more about starting our own successful organization, I still didn’t quite understand what our role as a collective was. That’s why the first meetings felt more like a “casual conversation” and a good lesson, instead of an “impactful conversation” that may significantly improve our choir.

However, after the New Year, I think we started to learn and absorb more concrete information about the collective, charity, choir, and did it pretty fast. We started to implement more specific tasks and immediately acted on them. That was great! We really started to act on our ideas and think even bigger about how we can benefit members of the London Youth Choir to give them a greater experience of being in the choir.

At our last meeting, once again we shared our honest ideas to benefit the collective and by spreading into small groups, chose ideas that we all want to achieve in the nearest future and that may significantly improve the experience of choir members and benefit the music industry in general.

As a conclusion, thanks to Freddie & Ground Team, we have learned a lot about the work of LYC as a charity so far, as well as started to make the first changes inside the choir. We now have more specific ideas and goals to achieve, so I’m looking forward to our next meeting to start implementing them into reality!

Pavlo is a composer, pianist and singer from Ukraine, and is currently a bass in LYC Chamber Choir. As a child, he was a member of the Kiev Palace of Children and Youth Choir, and went on to study piano and voice at the Kyiv Academy of Art. Since being in the UK, he has organised two charity concerts, raising over £2000 to support Ukrainian children affected by the war.


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