LYC Half Term Art Workshop

Among many half term online activities for LYC members was an art workshop with our very own Alice Beverley.

30 members of our Junior and Cambiata choirs enjoyed exploring the theme of boats and sea vessels ahead of our ‘Voyage’ concert. Over to Alice to tell us more – and to reveal a few of the creations!

“We first explored three contrasting works of art to get some inspiration, looking at Joseph Mallord William Turner’s dramatic Dutch Boats in a Gale, Heinz Edelmann’s colourful depiction of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, and Katsushika Hokusai’s masterpiece The Great Wave. (You can see them all below, and the National Gallery also has a brilliant high definition zoom version of the Turner here)

After that we learned how to make an origami boat, took some time to work on our own drawings, and then had a show and tell at the end. Here are a few of my favourites from the artwork produced!”

Alice Beverley

Alice Beverley

Membership and Projects Administrator


Alice’s wide-ranging role sees her contributing to the success of everything from choirs and auditions admin to funding applications and partnerships. Before joining LYC Alice worked at the V&A Museum, where she was involved in programming and producing events including the Exhibition Road Day of Design at the London Design Festival, the V&A’s 2018 Christmas festival, and the 5-month programme of concerts and events which ran alongside the Opera: Passion, Power and Politics exhibition. 

Simon’s beats boat definitely captures the spirit of The Yellow Submarine – I love the contrasting directions of the yellow and green stripes, and the way he’s incorporated text into the drawing, just like Hokusai’s script becomes part of the overall work in The Great Wave. The cheeky grin tops it off nicely. Fab work.

Leah sent in two works, a masterfully executed green and blue boat, and a watercolour. Leah used the watercolour medium perfectly to capture the constantly shifting character of the sea, as we looked at in both the Turner and the Hokusai – I loved the mix of greens and blues too.

Evie worked quickly, colouring in three magnificent ships! My favourite is her coloured origami boat though, with bright rainbow colours no-doubt inspired by Edelmann, and some adorable portholes.

Jason aced the origami boat-making, and also produced a pair of brightly coloured-in speedboats. I thought the use of sketchy repeated strokes for the sea really brought a sense of movement to these which, after all, is what speedboats are all about.

Delia’s work combined a couple of styles, brilliantly evoking motion with her sketchy flecks of spray across the top – I can almost feel the sea breeze in my hair! The small stick figure adds a human element and really emphasises the scale of the wave towering over, a worthy homage to Hokusai.

Finally, Anna and Alex really put me to shame with their origami skills, making not one but FIVE origami boats of varying sizes (shown in the feature image at the top of this page), a fish, and a SWAN. I’ll have to keep practising for next time…


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