The greatest show

Held at the iconic Royal Albert Hall on 9 May 2023, our spectacular 10th birthday celebration featured all 10 LYC choirs and 1,000 singers from schools across London, raising their voices as one. With guest stars and a capacity audience it was an unforgettable occasion for everyone involved, especially for the hundreds of children stepping into the Hall for the very first time.

“It made me feel very excited and like I could do anything in that moment. I absolutely loved the experience, singing with so many other people made me lost for words.”

LYC Cambiata Girls singer

“It was the best experience of my whole LYC career- being alongside such fabulous people with phenomenal skill sets reminded me how happy I am being on stage “

LYC Chamber Choir singer

“I was amazed and shocked at how many people were there. It made me realise what a good singer I am, and proud as I’ve never performed at something so big!”

LYC South East singer


Thousands of singers, thousands of audience members, thousands of musical notes, thousands of hours of preparation – one amazing day! Film by Medhurst Media / images by Belinda Lawley.

“I know that it’s some people’s dream to go to the Royal Albert Hall for all their lives and we got the privilege as nine-year-old kids. The Hall is massive but it’s also beautiful. I’m super dooper happy I had this opportunity.”

Guest School singer

“Wow, what a concert. Incredible to hear so many voices assembled in that great hall. My daughter loved being part of it. It’s really remarkable how much LYC has achieved in such a short time.”

LYC parent

“Nothing could have prepared them for the phenomenal experience of performing live in the Royal Albert Hall in the presence of so much history and talent. Thank you LYC for the once in a lifetime opportunity!

Guest School teacher


LYC South East

LYC West

LYC South West

LYC North East

LYC Junior Boys

LYC Junior Girls

LYC Cambiata Boys

LYC Cambiata Girls

London Youth Choir

LYC Chamber Choir

Camilla Kerslake - Soprano


Anna Lapwood - Organist

Gareth Malone - Conductor


Albion Primary School (Southwark), Churchfields School (Redbridge), Elsley Primary School (Brent), Furness Primary School (Brent), Gladstone Park Primary School (Brent), Grange Primary School (Ealing), Heathbrook Primary School (Lambeth), Hermitage Primary School (Tower Hamlets), Malmesbury Primary School (Tower Hamlets), Mount Carmel Primary School (Ealing), Saint Elizabeth Catholic Primary School (Tower Hamlets), Saint Peter’s London Docks (Tower Hamlets), Stepney Greencoats (Tower Hamlets), Woodlands Academy (Ealing).


Naveen Arles, Greg Beardsell, Charlotte Brosnan, Laurel Neighbour, Olivia Shotton, Rachel Staunton, Ben Vonberg-Clark


Harry Baker (Keyboards), Jonny Liebeck (Keyboards), Dan Moriyama (Keyboards & Bass), Simon Lea (Percussion) and Tony Qunta (Guitar, Electric Violin)


From January 2023 the LYC Experience programme was out and about across London, delivering workshops and teaching resources to all schools taking part in our 10th birthday concert, preparing them for the day and spreading the joy of singing in schools. Video by Medhurst Media / images by Belinda Lawley.

” We’re very proud to have been associated with LYC and the wonderful work it undertakes with young people since its early days – and now look forward to the next ten years!”

LYC Supporter

“We may have been gathering to celebrate a 10th anniversary but frankly what we experienced was pure entertainment. Brilliant! I can’t imagine the work that went into it.”

LYC Supporter

“Congratulations on the whole production, and …on what you have done for those 1,500 children. Participating in such a big event…is certainly one of life’s greatest lessons.”

LYC Supporter


Our amazing 10th birthday celebration was made possible through the hard work and assistance of very many individuals and organisations. In particular, we are grateful to the Royal Albert Hall who supported the event through a charity discounted let, one of the many ways in which the Hall, as an independent registered charity, supports others in the charitable sector.

We are also very grateful for the support of the Thorpe family, Vaughan Williams Foundation, Hinrichsen Foundation, Ambache Trust and Lucille Graham Trust towards this project, including the 10th Anniversary Commission and our LYC Experience engagement programme with schools, and all other supporters of LYC.


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