22-23: What a year!

Published 21 July 2023

A reflection on LYC’s 10th anniversary year

Where do we even start? What an unbelievable year it’s been at LYC. It began with celebrating the 10 year anniversary of LYC’s first ever rehearsal on 7 October 2012, and it feels like we haven’t stopped celebrating since!

One of the best things has been celebrating the anniversary with all of the 400+ young people in our current membership – after all of the disruption to their education and access to extra-curricular activities over the last three years due to the pandemic, it feels wonderful for them to have a reason to come together and celebrate.

4 LYC staff members round a piano
An LYC staff member leading a workshop, with another staff member playing the piano. A group of schoolchildren are sitting in front of them.
2 LYC staff members leading a singing workshop. A group of schoolchildren are sitting in front of them.

It almost goes without saying that the highlight of the year was our 10th Anniversary Concert on Tuesday 9th May at the Royal Albert Hall, where our current members were joined by over 1100 children from London primary schools in a massive celebration of singing, along with special guests Gareth Malone, Anna Lapwood, Camilla Kerslake, Jamie Wright and Paul Whittaker. It was a night we know we will always remember at LYC, and we are so grateful to everyone who made it happen and everyone who attended!

But RISE UP was just one of many exciting performances and events our young people have taken part in this year – and we feel very lucky to have performed in lots of London venues and collaborated with many talented musicians. Just a few of the highlights include the Royal Variety Performance 2022, our Singing in the City series, the Damnation of Faust at the Royal Festival Hall, and our Festive Concert at Shoreditch Town Hall, postponed from 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We asked some of our office staff about their experiences of the year:

LYC staff member: Rachel, Artistic Director

Favourite concert (apart from RISE UP): I love Christmas time, and the concert in Shoreditch Town hall on a day when it was snowing, with all the kids cheering on the balcony for each other was pretty special!

LYC earworm: Adrian Sutton’s piece for Cambiata Boys was so catchy and we almost had a fundraiser in the office with a £1 everytime someone sang it out loud!

One word to describe 22-23 at LYC: mega!

LYC staff member: Amy, Development Officer

Favourite concert (apart from RISE UP): The Chamber Choir concert on 7 July was my favourite concert- I was amazed by each and every person up on the stage!

LYC earworm: Can’t Hold Us – I must have played it 15 times on the day after RISE UP!

One word to describe 22-23 at LYC: Inspiring

LYC staff member: Zoe, Operations & Communications Executive

Favourite concert (apart from RISE UP): LYC South West’s first ever performance on 30th November – at the inaugural dinner of the Kerslake Robshaw Foundation. We all travelled together from Streatham and the members LOVED it!

LYC earworm: Just Sing

One word to describe 22-23 at LYC: Insane (in a good way)

LYC staff member: Ishani, Head of Engagement

Favourite concert (apart from RISE UP): Adrian Sutton celebration at QEH with RPO – Cambi Boys + CC Male voices – very moving performance with wonderful blend of boys and young men’s voices soaring above the orchestra!

LYC earworm: Can’t Hold Us! All year round

One word to describe 22-23 at LYC: Community

LYC staff member: Tom, Head of Operations

Favourite concert (apart from RISE UP): Seize the Day: A Celebration of Adrian Sutton

LYC earworm: Rice and Beans – and Plantain too! by Errollyn Wallen

One word to describe 22-23 at LYC: Spectacular!


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