The LYC Chamber Choir is a 24-voice mixed voice choir for young people from across London aged 16 to age 23, and represents the culmination of the exceptional training offered to members on their LYC journey. Chamber Choir members are among London’s most advanced young choral singers, capable of tackling the most challenging and varied repertoire. Extra tuition and opportunities provide the richest possible musical experience and a gateway to early professional music-making for those interested in this path.

LYC Chamber Choir is for young people in school aged 16 to age 23 who live anywhere in London. Members of LYC Chamber Choir must also be members of London Youth Choir. LYC Chamber Choir requires high entry standards across vocal technique and musicianship. 

To join LYC Chamber Choir you first need to audition. Membership of LYC Chamber Choir is on an annual basis and auditions take place in July and September of each year. 

To find out all about auditioning, visit the Join LYC page.

Rehearsals are always held from 6.00-7.00pm on Mondays during term time, in central London near St Paul’s. Rehearsals and performances demand the highest levels from all members, and reward with outstanding performance opportunities and skills development. There are two types of LYC Chamber Choir membership, Full and Flexible. 

Full Membership

As a Full Member of LYC Chamber Choir you hold one of 20 paid Scholarship places. In return for a termly stipend of £160, to be used towards travel and singing lesson expenses, Full Members must attend all LYC Chamber Choir and London Youth Choir events. Full Members / Scholars with especially high technical and musical abilities may additionally be offered leadership opportunities within the other LYC choirs. 

Flexible Membership

We also offer Flexible Membership of LYC Chamber Choir to those who may not be able to commit to the full LYC Chamber Choir / London Youth Choir schedule for various reasons. Flexible Members do not receive a stipend, but do receive fully-subsidised membership of London Youth Choir.

There is no membership fee for being a Full or Flexible member of LYC Chamber Choir.

LYC Chamber Choir offers some truly next-level experiences across training and performance, including some uniquely creative projects like this music video – enjoy! 



If you’ve got any questions about LYC Chamber Choir, we’ve almost certainly got the answers! Drop us an email (Mon-Fri, 9.00am-5.00pm) and we’ll be happy to help.

Greg Beardsell

Conductor / Musicianship Tutor

Greg is a leading light in music education and performance. His ability to inspire people of all ages to explore new musical horizons whilst sharing his diverse range of musical skills has created new and exciting music-making opportunities, particularly for young people.

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As well as being conductor of the London Youth Chamber Choir, he is Music Director of the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland, the Peace Proms and Principal Conductor of the National Youth Training Choir. He is a guest presenter for BBC Radio 3’s “Live in Concert” and “Choir and Organ” programmes and features as a choral music expert for the BBC Proms TV broadcasts.

He has held conducting positions with the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus, the Irish Youth Choir, the Ulster Youth Choir and the Royal College of Music Chamber Choir and has presented seminars on conducting and teaching strategies for organisations such as Cambridge University, the Association of Swedish Choral Conductors, Cornell University New York, and music education hubs across England.


LYC Chamber Choir is made possible through the generous in-kind support of City of London School.


LYC Chamber Choir is made possible through the generous support of Garrick Charitable Trust.


LYC Chamber Choir is made possible through the generous support of London Philharmonic Choir.


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